The JCOG-EORTC symposium
15 February 2020

JCOG - EORTC Symposium - Illustration
In 2017, EORTC and JCOG, (Japan Clinical Oncology Group), established a partnership to conduct joint clinical trials. Both organizations have complementary expertise, with similar levels of operational activities. Despite differences in the delivery of treatments in Europe and Japan, both organisations agreed that common clinical questions that evaluate the efficacy of multidisciplinary strategies as compared to surgical treatment could be addressed through clinical trials.

During the JCOG-EORTC symposium held on 15 February 2020 in Japan, both organizations discussed the status of mutual collaboration and followed by a discussion on evolution of clinical research, which was split in three parts: Part 1: Genomic based clinical trials, Part 2: Clinical Trials not for drug approval and Part 3: Patient and Public Involvement.

Both EORTC and JCOG presented updates on their joint activities in stomach cancer and soft bone & tissue sarcomas. Since the beginning of the partnership, four (4) Japanese young medical fellows/ researchers have worked as clinical fellows at EORTC headquarter in Brussels. This symposium further established the partnership between JCOG and EORTC. Both partners look forward to further collaborations in the future.

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