Jul-15 -

Radiation Oncology Group

EORTC 22922/10925 – Phase III randomized trial investigating the role of internal mammary and medial supraclavicular (IM-MS) lymph node chain irradiation in stage I-III breast cancer.

Joint study of the EORTC Radiotherapy Cooperative Group and the EORTC Breast Cancer Cooperative Group.

There was a renewed interest in irradiation of regional lymph nodes in patients with breast cancer. However, conflicting evidence on the efficacy and toxicity of irradiation of lymph nodes led to uncertainties on its merit as a treatment for breast cancer. Therefore, to explore the effect of elective internal mammary and medial supraclavicular lymph-node irradiation on overall survival, EORTC studied this in breast patients between 1996 and 2004 with a median follow up of 10.9 years. Breast cancer patients who had undergone mastectomy or breast-conserving surgery and axillary dissection either received regional nodal irradiation or did not. Results showed that in patients with early-stage breast cancer, irradiation of the regional nodes, improved disease-free survival and distant disease-free survival and reduced mortality.


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