EORTC Annual report 2023

Celebrating EORTC Milestones and Strategic Advances

The EORTC Annual Report represents a valuable opportunity to celebrate our recent milestones and reaffirm our mission and goals. Whether you have been familiar with EORTC for many years or have just joined our network, you will find insightful information that provides a comprehensive overview of our work at EORTC.

This year’s edition includes a new chapter dedicated to the EORTC Scientific Strategy, outlining the priorities for our research programs aimed at enhancing survival and quality of life for cancer patients. This strategic focus is crucial as we navigate the evolving landscape of clinical cancer research. For the first time, we also highlight the contributions of young and early career investigators, showcasing the next generation of researchers committed to advancing cancer treatment and care. Additionally, we feature dedicated chapters on two newly established EORTC councils that play crucial role in our scientific strategy across cancer types: the Older Adults Council (OAC) and the Radiation Oncology Scientific Council (ROSC).

EORTC Network and Commitment

EORTC’s continuous progress is made possible by its extensive network, which in 2023 reached over 3,800 members from diverse disciplines across 58 countries. Our commitment to methodological, scientific, and regulatory advancements in oncology remains strong, as does our dedication to education in clinical research-related science. With 22,700 patients in follow-up and more than 215,000 patients in our databases, EORTC remains the leading independent non-profit clinical cancer research organization in Europe.

We extend our sincere gratitude to all the people who support, collaborate, and believe in the mission of EORTC to improve the survival and quality of life for cancer patients worldwide.

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