Honouring Oscar Lewisohn - Illustration

ECRF Board of Trustees (Board Meeting in Brussels) from left to right: HRH Prince Guillaume of Luxembourg, Mrs Alejandra Mac-Crohon Gardner, Dr John Smyth, Count Diego du Monceau ECRF Chairman, Mrs Victoria Agnew, Mr Oscar Lewisohn

A legacy of dedication in clinical cancer research

It is with gratitude and reverence that we celebrate the enduring contributions of Oscar Lewisohn, a devoted Trustee, advisor, and benefactor of ECRF and EORTC for over 35 years. Oscar’s legacy is marked by his unwavering commitment and invaluable guidance, which have profoundly enriched our organization.

Oscar’s dedication and vision have left an indelible mark on our community. His steadfast leadership and generosity will continue to inspire and guide us as we strive towards our shared goals of improving survival and quality of life for all cancer patients.

We express heartfelt gratitude for Oscar’s profound contributions and honour his enduring legacy of service and compassion. In recognition of his lasting impact, an EORTC fellowship will be established in Oscar’s honour.

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