EORTC proudly joins Walgreens Boots Alliance in a transatlantic partnership that aims to meet the needs of people living with cancer.

EORTC proudly joins Walgreens Boots Alliance in a transatlantic partnership - Illustration

EORTC is one of the four organizations taking part in Walgreens Boots Alliance’s, Inc. (Nasdaq: WBA) Collaboration for Cancer Prevention, Research and Support, a transatlantic charitable partnership announced today. The partnership is between WBA, the EORTC, Macmillan Cancer Support and Susan G. Komen® with the aim to support people living with cancer throughout their entire journey.

The four organizations will collaborate on initiatives to develop and support innovative cancer research infrastructure and to share best practices to improve patient care. WBA is committed to facilitating these collaborative efforts through fundraising and driving impact through its pharmacy locations, a common touchpoint for people with cancer.

EORTC’s Director General Dr. Denis Lacombe noted, “This announcement marks the first steps towards a holistic and dynamic approach in the fight against cancer. With decades of expertise in clinical research and strong track records in changing practice trials, EORTC is proud to share its knowledge and contribute to this partnership as the unique pan-European cancer clinical research organization working across tumors and disciplines.”

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