Breaking New Ground in Glioblastoma Treatment: The LEGATO Study

LEGATO - Illustration

EORTC and the Syreon Research Institute are thrilled to kick off the LEGATO study, a groundbreaking phase III clinical trial dedicated to recurrent Glioblastoma.

Glioblastoma, an aggressive brain tumour, has left patients with limited treatment options and a bleak outlook. LEGATO, one of EORTC’s research initiatives funded by the Horizon Europe Programme, aims to change that. Over the course of five years, this study will explore the potential benefits of combining chemotherapy and radiation (chemo-irradiation) compared to chemotherapy alone, offering hope for improved disease control and survival. With patient recruitment set to begin in 2024 across 11 European countries, LEGATO not only seeks to enhance patient outcomes but also assess the economic impact of this treatment, potentially transforming clinical practice worldwide.

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