EORTC & the Menarini Group Launch New Clinical Trial in Early-Stage Breast Cancer


EORTC and the Menarini Group have launched a new clinical trial for early-stage breast cancer patients.

This study, known as EORTC 2129-BCG TREAT ctDNA, aims to evaluate whether a drug called elacestrant can help delay the spread of cancer compared to standard treatment.

Evaluating Elacestrant’s Impact: A Promising Drug for early-stage Breast Cancer

The trial will involve over 1,900 patients in 12 European countries and is set to begin in late 2023.

Patients with early-stage breast cancer will be tested for a specific type of genetic marker called ctDNA. If they test positive, they may be eligible to receive elacestrant or continue with their current treatment. The goal is to determine if elacestrant can prevent cancer from coming back.

Collaboration for Advancing Breast Cancer Research

This intergroup trial, managed by the EORTC Breast Cancer Group, will be jointly conducted with several national and international cancer clinical research groups and will involve more than 120 hospitals. “The Menarini Group is glad to partner with EORTC on this important study, to expand our understanding of how elacestrant may potentially benefit ER+/HER2- patients with early-stage breast cancer,” said Elcin Barker Ergun, CEO of the Menarini Group. “Evaluating new treatments with a manageable safety profile, such as elacestrant, is important as we seek new options for this population.”

The trial is significant for patients who are at high risk of their cancer returning and have the particular genetic marker. It aims to provide more effective treatment options for early-stage breast cancer, potentially preventing disease recurrence.

About the EORTC Breast Cancer Group

The EORTC Breast Cancer Group (BCG) is a group of the most important academic hospitals in Europe aiming to develop new standards of care for breast cancer patients through innovation. Our research focus is the evaluation of innovative treatments and multidisciplinary approaches to increase survival and improve the quality of life of all breast cancer patients.

About The Menarini Group

The Menarini Group is a leading international pharmaceutical and diagnostics company, with a turnover of over $4.4 billion and over 17,000 employees. Menarini is focused on therapeutic areas with high unmet needs with products for cardiology, oncology, pneumology, gastroenterology, infectious diseases, diabetology, inflammation, and analgesia. With 18 production sites and 9 Research and Development centers, Menarini’s products are available in 140 countries worldwide. For further information, please visit www.menarini.com.

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