SPECTA updates

SPECTA for Molecular Cancer Research

EORTC launched a new video in an effort to explain how the SPECTA platform works. The video has been shared on the EORTC website and social media. EORTC would like to thank WBA and its employees who since the beginning of the partnership in 2011, have committed to raise €1m every year to advance cancer research through SPECTA.

What is new

SPECTA’s downstream projects have continued to recruit steadily; within the 12 months thanks to the opening of more than 60 sites in 15 countries and the high motivation of our 80 investigators authorized in the platform.

Arcagen, a project in collaboration with the ERN EURACAN and Roche, aiming to recruit 1,000 rare cancer patients to gain understanding of the molecular landscape of rare cancer, has recruited more than 200 patients since 31st May 2019, with molecular report issued already for 80 of them.

AYA (Adolescent & Young Adults), was opened in March 2019 to target specifically adolescents and young adults with high grade glioma or sarcoma. For the sarcoma cohort, we have recruited 50 patients within one year and we currently have produced molecular results for 30 of them.

SPECTA is expected to open a new project in the last quarter of 2020 for patient enrolment: SPECTA Projects.

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