EORTC and KHCC sign first Middle Eastern collaboration agreement

HRH Princess Dina Mired_Dr Amal AlOmari_Dr Mansour_Dr Abdel-Razeq_Dr Lacombe_Count du Monceau_EORTC_KHCC signing event
[photo from the EORTC – KHCC Agreement Signing Event, Amman, Jordan, November 13th, 2022]
(centre) HRH Princess Dina Mired Honorary President ECRF/EORTC, Dr Amal AlOmari, KHCC Chief Scientific Office, (left) Dr Asem Mansour, KHCC Director General, Dr Hikmat Abdel-Razeq, KHCC Deputy Director General and CMO, (right) Dr Denis Lacombe, EORTC CEO, Count Diego du Monceau, ECRF Chairman and Aphrodite Koulentaki, EORTC Engagement & Partnerships

Brussels, 17 November 2022 – The European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC), based in Brussels, Belgium, and the King Hussein Cancer Centre (KHCC) in Amman, Jordan announce the signing of an agreement to develop, conduct, and promote translational and clinical cancer research in the Middle East region. The KHCC will act as the Middle East Co-ordinating Office (MECO) and will provide support to EORTC for its activities. This is the first EORTC collaboration in the region and will form an important part of its effort to develop cancer research in middle-income countries where many patients have not yet had the opportunity to take part in clinical trials.

Welcoming the signing, EORTC and EORTC Cancer Research Fund (ECRF) Honorary President, HRH Princess Dina Mired of Jordan, said: “The MECO agreement demonstrates how the EORTC stays true to its mission of improving survival and quality of life for all cancer patients. Access to clinical cancer research means a step forward to closing the gap in cancer patient treatment and care. As a Jordanian and Honorary President of the EORTC/ECRF I am proud of the joint initiative between the EORTC and the KHCC.”

Dr Lacombe_EORTC_ Dr Mansour-KHCC

The KHCC has successfully contributed to six EORTC clinical trials since 2017 and has a representation of 13 members covering all EORTC research groups. The establishment of the MECO will enable the further development of joint activities with collaborators in the Middle East region. Among the first collaborative activities will be a Clinical Trials Statistics course co-organised by the partners. This will take place in Amman from 15-17 November, taught by an EORTC faculty of statisticians.

Dr Denis Lacombe, EORTC Chief Executive Officer, said: “We are delighted that this collaboration will allow us to expand in the Middle East and bring our expertise to help cancer patients in this part of the world. EORTC is a European organisation, but with an international outlook and a mission to improve the lives of cancer patients worldwide. The agreement with the KHCC brings us a step closer to the achievement of this mission.”

Dr Mansour, Chief Executive Officer of the KHCC, said: “We are very excited to start this new era of clinical cancer research in the Middle East, and confident that through the activities of “MECO”, we will find synergies with collaborators from this region to conduct cutting-edge research projects and clinical trials that will help us understand how we can embrace and optimize all the advancements taking place in cancer diagnosis and treatment to the benefit of each individual patient, and provide our patients with more opportunities to take part in clinical trials and access newly developed life-saving drugs that may not be available outside the research setting”.

About the KHCC

King Hussein Cancer Center (KHCC) is a comprehensive cancer center in Amman, the Capital of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. KHCC is the medical arm of King Hussein Cancer Foundation (KHCF) which was established in 1998 in accordance – with Law No. (7) of 1998, and its amendment by Law No. (26) of 2014 as an independent, non-profit, non-governmental organization governed by a Board of Trustees appointed by a Royal Decree. KHCC is the only comprehensive cancer center in Jordan that treats both adults and pediatrics under one roof. KHCC mission is to provide state-of-the-art comprehensive cancer care to the citizens of Jordan and the region. KHCC is also dedicated to providing access to education, training, public awareness and research in order to decrease mortality and alleviate suffering from cancer with the highest ethical standards and quality care. KHCC vision is to be the leading oncology care center in Middle East, moving towards excellence in the areas of research and training and towards regional expansion. For further information, please visit the KHCC website.

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